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SOSF: Pioneering Support in Times of Crisis Through Technology

The aim of the SOSF Project is to help those affected by natural disasters (including but not exclusively: fire, flood, storm, earthquake, volcanoes).
We have considered war to be the worst of the natural disasters so we have included it as a reason to provide help.
In a rapidly changing world, the consequences of natural disasters can be catastrophic. Communities are torn apart, and those affected are often left in dire need.
Additionally, as digital currencies become more integrated into our financial systems, there's an opportunity to harness them for greater good.
Introducing SOSF—a revolutionary project designed to tackle these challenges head-on using cutting-edge AI technology.

Trade SOSF on Dex-Trade:

18.09.2023– The SOSF has resumed trading DEX-Trade Centralized Exchange!

There is a special airdrop/NFT campaign coming very soon! Stay safe!!

what we do

Help us with our primary projects

Humanitarian Aid in Disaster-Stricken Areas

At the heart of SOSF lies our commitment to those in dire need. Whether facing imminent threats from natural disasters or grappling with their aftermath, SOSF stands ready to help. Our initiative mobilizes resources and support for affected communities, ensuring that they're not left to fend for themselves in their darkest hour.

Leveraging AI for a Better Tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence isn't just the future; it's the now. SOSF employs state-of-the-art AI technology to continuously develop and improve our initiatives. Whether it's efficiently allocating resources to disaster zones or optimizing the benefits for our token holders, AI ensures that SOSF remains at the cutting edge of humanitarian and financial endeavors.

Cryptocurrency Tax Relief

The digital age brings with it new financial opportunities, and SOSF is at the forefront. Investors and holders of the SOSF token are rewarded not only by supporting a noble cause but also by enjoying a relief on the tax of their overall crypto income. It's a win-win: grow your assets while making the world a better place.

Join Us on this Journey

As we forge ahead, we invite investors and supporters alike to join us in our mission. With SOSF, you're not just investing in a token; you're investing in a brighter, safer, and more equitable future for all.

Blockchain Charity

SOS Fidelity is powered by the Blockchain

In a world full of uncertainty, the SOSF project is a beacon of hope. We merge humanitarian aid, financial incentives, and cutting-edge technology to create a holistic approach to some of today's most pressing challenges. Together, we can make a difference.
SOS Fidelity is accepting donations only in cryptocurrency.


Each year, 10% of the total tokens minted will be made available on CEXs for trading, until depletion.


95% of all donations will be kept on an offline ledger, ready to be liquidated to fund medical, food and water supplies.


Exclusive Volunteers

We have recruited so far more than 300 hundred volunteers for various humanitarian projects. There are almost 150 volunteers available at the moment.


People Helped

Your donations have reached more than a thousand people in need after suffering natural disasters.


Capital Raised

The capital we have raised has been distributed as follows: 90% for humanitarian aid and 10% for maintaining up our organization.


We are always waiting for your helping hands

SOSF is available for traing at

You can donate any cryptocurrency to the following wallet addresses:

BTC: bc1qyfq5vvxp30xzz2lv0pkrlqczzdwnn8a08ay3v2

ETH/USDT/BSC/Polygon: 0xA470179946aDAba7ae40Dfa8E8615d1eB228B815

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