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Charity in time of Natural Disasters

charity fund

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Join Our Efforts to Help the People of Ukraine

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Help the Ukranian people in need of medical supplies

Help Ukraine with Medicine

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Help the Ukrainian people in need of food

Help Ukraine with Food

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Help the Ukranian people in need of water

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The Essense of SOS Fidelity

The aim of the SOS Fidelity Project is to help those affected by natural disasters (including but not exclusively: fire, flood, storm, earthquake, volcanoes).
We have considered war to be the worst of the natural disasters so we have included it as a reason to provide help.
The executive team has decided that issuing our own SOSF token, and accepting donations in cryptocurrency will involve previously un-tapped donors, as well as enabling us to provide flexible and instantaneous support to the people in need.
The logistics behind our effort are somewhat simple- when a disaster strikes somewhere on Earth, we allocate the necessary resources and purchase the necessary supplies from the nearest and fastest vendor, which will transport the goods to the designated area.
Also, there is an option to participate in our relief efforts as volunteers, helping the suffering on site- we will of course reward you with all the relevant accessories.

Trade SOSF on Crytfex:

01.04.2023– The SOS Fidelity Project has been listed on the Crytfex Centralized Exchange!

There you can trade the SOSF token in 5 pairs and also make use of the Staking option with 57% Annual Return!!!

Very soon there will be more great news about the project- stay tuned!!!

what we do

Help us with our primary projects

Charity For Medicine

We finance delivery of medicine and supplies to the most affected regions.

Donate For Study

We organize courses for first aid education in countries and regions most likely to be struck by natural disasters.

Charity For Water

SOSF funds the transportation of fresh water to every corner of the Globe.

Donate For Food

Your charity goes directly for food- going to places where it is most needed.

Blockchain Charity

SOS Fidelity is powered by the Blockchain

SOS Fidelity is accepting donations only in cryptocurrency. For every donation received in our wallets we are sending back a gift- a proportional amount of our own token SOSF, equal to $0.0001 before listing on a CEX.


Each year, 10% of the total tokens minted will be made available on CEXs for trading, until depletion.


95% of all donations will be kept on an offline ledger, ready to be liquidated to fund medical, food and water supplies.


Exclusive Volunteers

We have recruited so far more than 300 hundred volunteers for various humanitarian projects.


People Helped

Your donations have reached more than a thousand people in need after suffering natural disasters.


Capital Raised

The capital we have raised has been distributed as follows: 95% for humanitarian aid and 5% for setting up our organization.


We are always waiting for your helping hands

SOSF is available for traing at

You can donate any cryptocurrency to the following wallet addresses:

BTC: bc1qek29pej6kapkw35qgtd0gn3w6dphht83q2l27u

ETH/USDT/BSC/Polygon: 0x6e8CFf45f794C02B0A8E9e530bB242defE7cF2aD

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Capital raised

Become a volunteer!

Anyone willing to help is more than welcome!

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